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Many of you, certainly ever met, seen or even distrubed with the name "lunatic/madman(orang gila)" Well .. maybe that's less ethical thought to called, but i'm sure you might be familiar with the term. And, what is your reaction when you see those figure? Yup .. I know, you might be feel scared, terrified and didn't want to close with them, right? Naturally, i'm honestly felt the same. Sometimes i fear and dread to see them with unusual clothes, weird makeup, hair a mess and a scary face :|
These sample images that i get from google, see? how poor they are :( Whether the picture is not quite knocking on your heart? Why you still don't care about people like this? They are also our family. Hopefully with this photo is enough to make you more grateful that you are more fortunate than them. But obligated to remember they never complain with their life, they're always laughing, smiling, so how about you?

Actually i'm curious what causes of them to be like that, why they can hang around with such appearances. Sad indeed to see this, i'm so sad when my father and me on the road to home (in the freeloader's father) at around 22:00 pm or 10 pm to see a long-haired men walking barefoot in tattered clothes, hair-wild and weight to stepping.  I'm immediately wondered,where is their families? Why they didn't care with their famili? Are not people who experiencing psychiatric disorders should be given a good treatment to lead the recovery phase, rite? Or where is Social Services as a social welfare agency that protect the public can deal with crazy people like this? So many questions hanging over on my head at that time. And, to answer all of my curiosity, I tried to find info about the "mental disorder", and this info that i found :

A mental illness that attacked (Psychose), disturbed personality, and less able to adjust to normal, and unable to understand the problem. Often the mentally ill, do not feel that he is ill, on the contrary he thought that he was perfectly normal, even better, more superior and more important than others.

Mental illness, there are 2 kinds, namely:
First: that is caused by a defect in the limbs. For example, brain, central nervous or loss of the ability of various glands. this may be caused by the poisoning due to alcohol, drugs stimulants or narcotics, due to gross disease and so on.
Second: due to mental disorders that has dragged on so as to achieve a peak without a fair settlement or loss of mental balance as a whole, due to a stressful atmosphere, inner tension, and so on.

NO! we can't blame them why they can be crazy, because the indirect cause is the environment that made them that way. Even, to know what's their name, their couldn't :(. This will definitely push them inward. However, how do we convey to them our sense of caring to approach them while we didn't feel brave? If there is any mental hospital foundation that holds them, it's not sufficient without a sense of caring and compassion of people nearby, the family. Crazy people, they're also come out us. Even, we still can see their smiling, and laughing to himself. Although the blisters and sores on their feet because they have a long journey explore every day :(. They can be calm because they are not afraid of starvation because it can found the crackle bags containing food scraps.

Oh.. God if i have much money, i really want to make a house or just a place that can care, aware and safe their lifes. Feed them every day without having to unload the garbage to find scraps of food. Give them decent clothes without having to show their body parts because of torn. Give them love, and let them know that WE LOVE THEM
Well, it's just my expectation that i try to share here, Probably many people who think the same with me but haven't had a chance to make it happen as well. However, hope it can knock the heart readers to be more concerned with the crazy people around them, at least if you meet them you don't try bullying and distrubing them because it will further damage their minds. Maybe, if now i'm study in the medical or psychiatric i could be closer to them and learn deeper about them, but now i'm just a college student majoring in accounting who just want to spread in love with them. It's sincere intention that may be realized in someday, and i hope i can make it happen. Amin :)

i'm sorry if there is something mistake with word and spelling hehe :)
it just remind you to love the madman as well.
hopefully more people begin to care,aware, protect and safe them. OUR FAMILY
Best regard - @sellyweeja

jilbab kreasi #part2

nothing to do
going crazy
bluweeeeeeeeek :p

paradise - coldplay ♬♪

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach 
and the bullets catch in her teeth 
Life goes on, it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly 
Every tear a waterfall 
In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes
In the night the stormy night away she'd fly
and dreams of 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh 

Paradise - Coldplay
good songs, love it  :*

Happy Earth Day 2012 ♥

Going green is easier than you think. There are little things you can do every day to help reduce greenhouse gases and make a less harmful impact on the environment. Let's do it :

1. Switch off anything that uses electricity
2. Unplug or switch off devices after u use it
3. Close doors after you leave a room
4. Plan your errands to avoid going around in circles
5. Run your air conditioner sparingly or not at all
6. Get skylights to transfer sunlight into electricity
7. Avoid using plastic whenever you can
8. Avoid using disposable items
9. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries
10. Don't waste food
11. Try to socialize about papperless system in campus
12. Recycle or reuse old plastic bags
13. Decrease to eat fast food
14. reuse clothing and find something snazzy to do with it
15. Plant trees in your neighborhood or near your home, They absorb carbon dioxide
16. Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can
17.Turn of the light when you are sleeping
18. Love the pet
19. Make your home more beautiful with flower and ornamental plants
20. The last, keep blogging on sellyweejart's page hahaha (this page spreads the greenery everywhere, everytime ♥ )

Happy Earth Day everybody, 20'04'12
Be green, keep  windy,  and i ♥rain.
At least, right now  :D
 ( ˘ ะท˘ )♬♪ "Aku bahagiaaa, hidup sejahtera di Khatulistiwaaa"     

Hari Kartini (21 April 2012)

Ibu kita Kartini, Putri sejati, Putri Indonesia, Harum namanya
Ibu kita Kartini, Pendekar bangsa, Pendekar kaumnya, Untuk merdeka
Wahai ibu kita Kartini, Putri yang mulia, Sungguh besar cita-citanya, Bagi Indonesia
Ibu kita Kartini, Putri jauhari, Putri yang berjasa, Se Indonesia
Ibu kita Kartini, Putri yang suci, Putri yang merdeka, Cita-citanya
Wahai ibu kita Kartini, Putri yang mulia, Sungguh besar cita-citanya, Bagi Indonesia
Ibu kita Kartini, Pendekar bangsa,Pendeka kaum ibu, Se-Indonesia
Ibu kita Kartini, Penyuluh budi, Penyuluh bangsanya ,Karena cintanya
Wahai ibu kita Kartini, Putri yang mulia, Sungguh besar cita-citanya ,Bagi Indonesia
Lagu : Ibu Kita Kartini
 Pencipta : WR . Supratman

Selamat Hari kartini,  Hidup wanita Indonesia (^^)9
ini foto Ibu Kartini versi Bapak dan ibu-nya 
hahahaha :p

The winner on YOT quiz

Assalamualaikum peeps *blush
long time poooost,  probably i shouldn't say anything why i I've rarely to write again, yup. because now i'm  quite busy and the spirit of writing began to fall. don't know why :|
BUT, Last saturday night i was online (yes, i'm single so i haven't to spent satnight w/ boyfriend, no comment haha) and i saw there the writing competition on facebook about "innovation".This contest is held by the Young On Top. i up to date with the page young on top enough, and not infrequently i read those articles are very inspiring.I was interested to join this quiz. And then, i decided to write article about innovation. Actually i'm confused what theme i should write about, but i'm trying to write about innovation that i have designed for my beloved city, Pontianak. And my writing also supports to my MDG's project hehehe :p. If you want to read, you can read below this post. andddd, Guess what ? I was a winner in this quiz, many people like my articles >O< i'm the winner in YOUNG ON TOP quiz, it's hard to believe. But, i don't want to express my hapiness to much, because it's not good :")

captured by facebook, u can look if u don't believe

this photo that show i'm really be the winner. Honestly it's unbelieveable, but it's real, already prove :D Alhamdulillah.
as a gift i can discuss with Mr.Billy Boen (television host on young on top metro tv)
Thx god, fams, friends :)

i know you always support me all the time.

I'M LUCKY(^^)9

hallo luck, don't get bored to come to me againthank you :)
Keep writting and congrats celly.

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